Lorraine was born in Limerick and has studied voice from an early age, having started playing the piano and the guitar; it soon became evident that voice was Lorraine’s primary instrument.

A well-rounded and experienced singer, Lorraine has dabbled in all types of singing from classical to contemporary and traditional music. She finally decided to excel in the genre that gave her the best challenge, classical singing.

In November 2003, Lorraine made her debut at the University Concert Hall in Limerick, singing at a funding raising concert for the Midwest Region Hospice Care. Lorraine has also sang with the world renowned Bunratty Castle Entertainers at both Bunratty and Knappouge Castles in County Clare. As well as being part of the Choral entertainers Lorraine was also a main soloist during performances.

Lorraine is a passionate and controlled singer and this is evident from any of her many performances.